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The story takes place within the depths of an unknown dungeon, one abandoned but given new meaning by a satanic cult... and you decided to join them.  Idiot. 

But as you spend time  brewing and mixing whatever meets the eye, bartering with other cultists and most importantly sacrificing sheep for your gods favour, you slowly begin to play a twisted game of rummy. Losing is not an option.

                                                                                     What do the cards mean...

Mix and Match!

Brew items to sacrifice to your god, with intent to bring him down! Each sacrifice must be in a set of 4 cards, each card holding a different purpose, from damage to restoring health, as well as affecting sequential cards.

Balance a fine line of love and hatred, for the devils hand will pay likewise of what you offer him. Sure he's got a sweet side, but only when you're not trying to kill him.

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