A downloadable Rhythmic clear for macOS

StarStruck is a therapeutic game where you look through the eyes of an astronomer,  watching comets and discovering constellations/ 

In this simple rhythmic game, watching for comets and spotting stars to the music of an ambient lo-fi soundtrack is intended to reflect a soothing atmosphere. While doing so, immerse yourself in reading the thoughts of the protagonist, quietly listening to his stories and relaxing. Find constellations throughout the night sky and discover your own to share

What sets "StarStruck" apart from other games in its genre is  that "fun" at its core is tailored to few,  rather aiming to slow down the pace of life for a few minutes, each night at a time.

- Lead Developer

*StarStruck is currently 2 weeks away from release, estimated to be done by 20/7/2019*

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Install instructions

The build is currently only available for mac, with a windows build following closely around the corner. I am still working on compiling errors and file bugs so please hold with me as I try to release a working version.


StarGazing.zip 148 MB

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